DADDY features the music of talented singer/songwriter Corey TuT. Check out his video for soundtrack highlight "Someone Else's Problem" and, to download your free copy of the song, right-click here.



A special soundtrack album of Corey's songs featured in DADDY is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, Rhapsody and every other major music provider!


Corey TuT has been writing, recording and playing his unique brand of Rock and Roll in and around New York City for well over a decade. Along the way he has also worked with artists as diverse as Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys, NYC techno/ house sensations The Ones, multi-platinum recording artist Ultra Nate, and legendary New York producers Super Buddha (Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters). His songs have been used in several independent films and on network programs on The CW, NBC Sports and The NFL. TuT's voice can also be heard in commercials for Toyota, Diet Pepsi, Ford and many others. Citing influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Peaches and The Rolling Stones to Radiohead, Corey TuT's sound is as classic as it is modern with a love for timeless song craftsmanship, mountains of big guitars and soaring vocals.


On his latest self-produced album Chasing Down The Bedlam, TuT found himself pushing the boundaries of his sound adding layers of synths and atmospheric effects to his punchy pop/ rock songs. "Making this record was a hugely rewarding learning process for me. Producing and recording this record myself in my home studio really allowed me the time to experiment sonically and to let the songs grow a bit more organically and come together at their own pace. It was really exciting to able to live with them and watch them evolve over the course of the recording and mixing process." The album runs the gamut from the straight ahead power pop of "Matter of Time" and "Shine A Light" to the sprawling epic 9 1/2 minute long title track. "I think sonically, this record takes the listener on the same turning twisting and ultimately rewarding journey I went through making this record, and I am super excited for people to hear it."





The DADDY Score!

Composer Rob Gokee has compiled a special album of his

original music from the film,  available for purchase here.


With over 10 years experience composing music for film, television, commercials and digital series, Rob Gokee brings depth, style and emotion to his work.


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